beckon of freedom

Plenty of times I would write because I want to write. The expression of words that define my emotions at any given time fly so high like a rage.  I’ve always  envisioned myself as a good writer, not the popular ones, just a good one.

I wanted to write about how I struggled with life and somehow succeeded. I know I am not there yet, the “there” in there. It’s just that my stories in life are common but what I did and how I did what I did made them unique and so I wanted to share.

The fear of being offended by others overpower me. A couple of times I tried to publish my blogs, but when I linked my site to a venue for “newcomers” and “beginners who needs help”; instead of getting inspirational or encouraging notes, I got insulted. I was told publicly that I have too many grammatical errors, my site is not organized, and that I need to mention in my “about me” page that English is not my native language, so I may be forgiven and my mistakes or errors may be dismissed. I was shocked and heart-broken, really. I thought for days on how to get back with a vengeance, or just simply keep silent and let him or her wait till my next move, but those were merely plans. I never got back to  justify myself. For what? So I decided to spare them.

Growing up and not having what I really want, or doing freely what I feel like doing was not a happy childhood experience. I was unhappy because my parents chose to be missionaries, and we were thrown to the poorest of the poor places in the southern part of the Philippines. I was devastated. At the age of 9 I was already helping my parents to sell some of my artworks just so we could eat. We barely enjoy a day with three decent meals. I stopped schooling twice due to poverty, and never finished college, of course due to poverty.

In my succeeding blogs I plan to write about how I made it to where I am now. Not to depress my readers but to inspire those who might have been going through where I have gone. I am actually afraid that my previous employers would one day come across my writings because they had no idea of who I really was. I did not pretend to be somebody; I just delivered my job, the way they wanted it, and most of the time I got commendations from doing beyond.

I am 42 years old, a single mother of 4 and a grand mommy of 2. My life comprises of too many chapters from too many ventures. I have never been proud of myself, but those who knows me are the one’s proud of the things I did (as they always say).

My current job is within the asset and facility management industry which I hold the position of director for compliance and regulatory affairs in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

I was once a household helper, a laundry woman, a vendor and so on… (its in my about page now).

One of my accomplishments just recently got the highest commendation from the government of Abu Dhabi, The Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones | Facility Management & Operations Division.

In my humble opinion, being under privileged is not in any manner a hindrance to achieve more.


This is my gesture of freedom.

-let’s tackle; these things matter.